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Educational Program

We are proud to offer a series of Ranch to Table education modules at no charge to chefs, culinary instructors, and their students. If you complete the four-part course, you will earn 15 Continuing Education Hours (CEH’s) from the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

How it works

Once you register for the free course, you will go through four, self-paced Ranch to Table Education Modules covering: Ranching, Cattle Feeding, Beef Processing and Grading, and Beef Fabrication and Distribution. You will also be required to complete two tests with a score of 80% or higher to receive your certificate of completion to submit to the ACF for your CEH hours.

Once you have completed and passed the course and evaluation, you will be given access to the PowerPoint slides to use in your culinary classroom, instructor notes, student assessments, and other beef industry resources.

Course Overview

cattle ranching


High-quality beef begins at the ranch. Selecting the best cattle, treating them with care and respect, providing a healthy diet and caring for the environment are critical to raising the highest quality beef.

cattle feeding

Cattle Feeding

The cattle continue to be cared for in the low-stress environment of the feed yard. They are fed a balanced diet formulated for the health of the cattle and the quality of the beef.

Beef Processing, Beef Grading, USDA

Beef Processing and Grading

We take great responsibility to ensure the humane treatment of cattle through final processing. Multiple food safety steps and a sophisticated grading system prepare the carcass for fabrication.

Beef Fabrication and Distribution

Beef Fabrication and Distribution

Follow the beef carcass onto the fabrication floor where it is broken down into primals and subprimals by trained butchers who take great care to ensure it is done to the highest standard for packaging and distribution.


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